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Seven Tales of a Fox

With Many More to Come

13 June
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Laini is a 7-tailed silver kitsune from Mercedes Lackey's Chrome Circle. She's a computer tech (for a semi-magical comp system) in the fox embassy in Furhold.

Her usual form, unless stated otherwise, is humanish, with fox ears and fox tail, fur color is silver.

Well. Silver fur, and usually one tail. But close!

As a fox, sometimes she'll wear a collar with tags. "Laini" says the front of one, and the other says: 2004 Pseudo-Rabies Vaccination/Furhold Hospital/Second Spirit Realm From Elfhame Outremor/839-077^8&$D on your touch-tone Crystal Ball/Liscense 6113.

This is a character for milliways_bar, and she belongs to Mercedes Lackey from the book Chrome Circle. No profit is being made, just much enjoyment had. Thank you!